And Good Friends Will Never Die

2:26:00 PM

I wrote this post to express my feelings after the recent death of a friend. I was also thinking about the death of our son...

The real world where heavy grey clouds blot out the sun, where there is pain and suffering.  A world saturated with tears and pierced by hearts that ache.

A world where good friends die.

The real world…

Tears fill my eyes and roll down my cheeks and I bend over under the weight of grief.

But then I stand up tall and shout, “No! This isn’t the real world.”

The real world is the dream world where the warm sun shines down upon us; where love and joy ripple through the air; where children giggle, and husbands hug, and friends smile, and we all laugh…

One day…

There will be no more looking over our shoulders; no more anxious glances; no more wondering if our bubble will burst, releasing all our joy; no more grief; no more mourning good friends.

One day we will live forever in the real world. And the Son will shine upon us…

And good friends will never die.

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