A Grieving Mother and a Blog Award

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Thank you to Vicky of Creating with Wisdom for passing on an I Blog Jesus award to Stories of Grief, Love and Hope. 

I am so pleased this award has been given to a grief blog. I hope it will turn readers' thoughts to the many bereaved parents who grieve quietly and often alone. And maybe you will say a prayer...

Perhaps you haven't visited here before. This blog is my little attempt to thank God for picking me up from near despair, after Thomas’ death, and giving me hope. I share my Thomas stories in an effort to pass on that hope to others who grieve. I know I could never fulfil the following award requirements on my own. But with God anything is possible...

This award was created by Monica at Equipping Catholic Families and is for blogging moms who:

~Strive for a stronger Faith and closer relationship with Jesus. 

~Aspire to grow spiritually through a vocation as a "King's Kid"... a daughter of God, and a Catholic wife and mom. 

~Seek to encourage others in their own spiritual journeys and Faith formation in their families through the Catholic training tools and gifts that they create and yes...through their blog. 

I need to pass on this award but first I’d like to share some thoughts…

In the months after Thomas’ death there was one thing in particular that worried me. I thought that if I was able to accept all that God allowed in my life, trusting He knew what was best for me and my eternal happiness, then I should not feel such great sorrow. I thought my tears and my heart-ache were a sign that I was more attached to my baby than I was to God and His plan. Didn’t I know I would see Thomas again one day? Didn’t I know God was looking after me? Why was I crying? Were my tears a sign that I didn’t trust enough?

Then one day I thought of Mary standing by the Cross. She knew that Jesus had to die. She also knew that He would be resurrected. She was aware that she would be reunited with her Son. But she still stood at the foot of the Cross and grieved.

Mary understands what it is like to lose a child. After Jesus was taken down from the Cross, He was laid in her arms and she sorrowed.  And so I have come to believe that grief is not a sign of lack of trust. It is a sign of love, great love. Our human hearts love our children so very much. And when we are separated, it hurts. We suffer. And we are allowed to cry.

So for me, our Mother Mary is a great comfort. I can turn to her as one mother to another, and I know she understands.

I would like to pass this blog award onto two bloggers who obviously have a great love for Mary our Mother who understands every grieving heart. I enjoy both these blogs very much. They are written by two special people.

Noreen at Rosary Mom

Dana and Noreen certainly fulfil the requirements of the award.

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  1. Thank you, Susan! I am bowing on behalf of all bereaved parents.

    God bless you!

  2. Congratulations, Sue :) This award is perfect for this site. My heart has always been touched by your Thomas stories - they help open up those places of grief that some of us still carry. I think that this is why I cry often when reading about Thomas, it touches that part of me that still grieves for my own losses. Mother Mary certainly understood losing a child and your thoughts on this subject are full of insight. I turned to Our Lady too when I was grieving - she brought me so much comfort.

  3. Mary,

    I think we will always grieve a little. Our losses are part of us. We still cry because we love so much and that is good! Mother Mary? I like this title which Dana also uses. It makes me feel so close to her.

    It is very special sharing with you, Mary. Thank you for reading my story and for your congratulations.

    God bless!

  4. Congratulations on receiving this award! Your blog, Sue, is truly one of my favorites to follow. Whenever I'm kept away from my computer for a few days, it is your posts that I always want to catch up on first! I accept your nomination - very sweet of you to think of me. I'm going to have to check out Noreen's blog, too - don't think I've discovered it - YET!

  5. Hi Dana,

    I am so pleased you will accept the award! And thank you for your kind words. Your blog is one of my favourite places too. I just love your Mary posts and of course your photos!!

    God bless.



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